Pillow… An important choice! Choosing the right pillow helps align the body as it covers the gap between the head and the mattress.

Therefore, a proper cushion is necessary to achieve a comfortable and relaxed sleep. If sleeping on the back side, a soft or moderate cushion is needed so that the spine does not recline. Similarly, if sleeping front side, a soft and low pillow is needed so that the head can turn while sleeping without exerting much pressure on the neck.

On the other hand, while sleeping sideways, a taller and harder cushion is needed, that will support better the head and keep the spine aligned. For someone who does not have a sleeping position, it is advisable to use two soft or moderate pillows when sleeping sideways and one when sleeping on the back or on the front side. 

On average, we spend approximately one-third of our life sleeping, so having a comfortable high quality pillow is imperative to getting a good nights rest. Understanding and having in mind the principle role, a cushion plays for ideal sleep, GRECO STROM has developed a complete range of sleeping pillows that perfectly meet every need.