Our Suites

Our Suites

Upon arrival on the island, the Porolithos boutique hotel manages to take the visitors back to medieval times and welcomes them with a total of 5 completely different rooms. Each with its own aesthetic, its own identity, with its own short or long story to tell. Built with great care and zest, overcoming obstacles and difficulties until the completion of the works, they promise you a relaxing and comfortable stay. Antique furniture and attention to detail come to complement the beauty of the rooms. We kept the names “Suite” – “Fireplace” – “Bay windows” – “Dome” – “Well” as we wanted to call them during all those years of work.

Located on the ground floor. Characteristic of the room is its vaulted stone ceiling. The whole room is made of tufa stone. Unique example of architecture and building skills developed by our predecessors.

The entrance with its imposing arch built of tufa stone is the characteristic of the room.
Right outside the room lies the reading area. The guests can relax there and enjoy reading a book along with a cup of Greek coffee. Because books and coffee make the best company.

It is accessible only through an impressive medieval knight staircase with 15 steps leading to the upper courtyard where the guest can make exclusive use. The room features a queen-sized bed made by hand from solid iron of exceptional beauty.

It is located on the first floor and is only accessible through a 14-step staircase leading to the bright room, suitable for two persons, where the comfortable covered bed gives a different note to the room. Built many centuries ago, the stone fireplace dominates the beautiful seating area, bringing back memories of the past. Hence the name of the room.

It is located on the first floor and is accessible through a wooden staircase. Two-part room that can accommodate up to 2 adults and 2 children. The staircase of our second courtyard with the 14 steps leads to the living room with the outside side consisting of three double-sashed wooden bay windows, with natural light spreading everywhere..

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